Can CB12 prevent "morning breath"?

“Morning breath” occurs because of your saliva flow (which helps cleanse your mouth from food debris and foul-smelling bacteria) which reduces at night while you are asleep. A decreased saliva flow therefore causes a dehydrated effect in your mouth.. “Morning breath“ is pretty normal and happens to everybody. Rinsing with CB12 mouthwash at night before going to bed can help to avoid “morning breath”. 

Studies prove that the combination of zinc and chlorhexidine in CB12 in a low concentration is a very efficient inhibitor of VSC* formation and reduces the problem of morning breath odour.1 

(*volatile sulfur compounds – these compounds are released by bacteria that are found between the teeth, in the gum pockets and  the pits on the back of the tongue, where they break down food particles) 

references: Dental Health Volume 48 May 2009 No 3 of 6